About Concrete Sealing

Professional sealing will help protect your concrete from water, damaging chemicals, and fading.

Why Seal Your Concrete?

Sealing is one of the most important methods of improving the lifespan of your concrete. It increases porous concrete’s resistance to weather, water, and other damaging substances like oil or deicing salts by creating a surface barrier.

Concrete must be cleaned and prepared before sealer can be applied. The application ideally occurs in dry conditions and is allowed to cure for at least 28 days. The professionals here at Tucker Concrete understand how important proper adhesion, coverage, and thickness of sealer is to the longevity of the seal coat and the concrete itself.

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Benefits of Sealing Concrete

The sealing process will help increase the longevity of your concrete, allowing you to enjoy it for years for come.

Below you’ll find additional benefits of sealing your concrete:

  • Saves money long-term.
  • Protects against weather and damaging chemicals.
  • Reduces risk of thaw damage.
  • Prevents color fading from UV exposure.


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